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Managed Services

When you need highly skilled pharmacy leadership, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to provide operations excellence for your pharmacy needs, we can tailor the exact relationship you require to ensure your operation has the breadth and depth of talent and experience needed. We also provide expert oversight to maintain a high level of services throughout the relationship.

In addition, our on-site team has access to our world class consultants and infrastructure whenever challenges arise that warrant additional expertise or resources.

We have a a stringent screening process which includes in-depth interviews, qualification verification, license review, background and reference checks, and drug screening.

Success Stories
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Budd Terrace
In-House pharmacy drives patient satisfaction and delivers $4.1 million in new revenue.

Hospital staffing changes are driven by an aging population, a physician workforce shortage and health care reform.

Gearon, Christopher. “Staffing the Hospital of Tomorrow” US News – Health. 16 October 2013.

Success Stories

Success Stories

Budd Terrace building

Budd Terrace at Wesley Woods, Atlanta, Georgia

In-House Pharmacy Drives Patient Satisfaction and Delivers $4.1 Million in New Revenue

“By leveraging the AmerisourceBergen PHS experts, we were able to quickly develop an efficient, in-house pharmacy tailored to the needs of our patient population. We could not have done it without them.”

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