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With hospitals of all types providing billions of dollars in uncompensated care—including the cost of drugs and medical devices—recovering these costs affects not only hospital efficiency, but also the bottom line. RecoveRx® is a no-risk, high-return solution for product recovery, with assessment and inventory management tools that can help:

  • Reduce drug and medical device expenses
  • Recover additional costs
  • Control personnel costs
  • Help patients reduce medical expenses
  • Improve care for disadvantaged patients
  • Reduce costly readmissions

Since 2000, hospitals of all types have provided more than $459 billion in uncompensated care to their patients.

“Uncompensated Hospital Care Cost Fact Sheet” American Hospital Association. January 2015.

Success Stories
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Houston Medical Center
HMC pharmacy recovers substantial product costs while delivering quality indigent care.

UT Medical Center
Recovers Costs While Providing High-quality Indigent Care.

Success Stories

Success Stories

Houston Medical Center building

Houston Medical Center

HMC Pharmacy Recovers Substantial Product Costs While Delivering Quality Indigent Care

“AmerisourceBergen’s RecoveRx solution is helping us to achieve our mission to deliver quality, economical care while helping HMC stay viable in an extremely volatile healthcare environment.”

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University of Tennessee

The University of Tennessee Medical Center

Recovers Costs While Providing High-quality Indigent Care

“We’ve had no difficulty justifying the value of the cost recovery program: we can show a net impact on dollars that otherwise would have been lost, and we’re achieving all this without adding staff.  AmerisourceBergen Patient Assistance Solutions is a significant benefit for our eligible indigent patients and for UT Medical Center as an organization...”

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