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Transitional Care

As health systems face financial penalties for high readmission rates and more providers look for ways to approach the holistic care of a patient, PHS can provide an operational assessment to review the coordination and continuity of a patient’s care along the continuum to ensure better outcomes and reduce 30-day readmissions.

  • Coordinated medication reconciliation
  • Ambulatory pharmacy infrastructure
  • Discharge prescription concierge service
  • Post-discharge care coordination and escalation protocols

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Sacred Heart Medical Center
Robust medication reconciliation reports lower risk to earn trust of ED physicians.

Sacred Heart Medical Center

Sacred Heart Medical Center

Robust Medication Reconciliation Reports Lower Risk to Earn Trust of ED Physicians

“ESI Rx History delivers the most comprehensive med rec information of any solution we’ve used. It has lowered the risk of med errors, improved our admit order TAT [turnaround time] and earned the trust of our physicians.”

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