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AmerisourceBergen's Pharmacy Check-Up Survey and Ambulatory Pharmacy Outlook for Health Systems 2018 Report Find Opportunities for Health System Pharmacists to Play a Greater Role in Healthcare

December | 2018
Nearly 80 percent of hospital pharmacists look forward to a greater role in healthcare and are well positioned to take on an expanded role, according to new research sponsored by AmerisourceBergen.

Implementing a Health-System Specialty Pharmacy

Specialty Pharmacy Times
Willis Chandler, SVP & President, Health Systems & Specialty Services, AmerisourceBergen
September | 2018
Modern medicine continues to push the boundaries of patient care, and specialty pharmaceuticals continue to be at the forefront of this innovation.

3 ways hospitals and community pharmacies can address adherence

Medical Economics
Jennifer Zilka
July | 2018
As hospital teams look for new solutions for the persistent issue of adherence, they must engage with one of the most effective and efficient options: partnering with independent community pharmacies.

Industry News & Information

  • Pharmacy: Tipping or Tripping Point for Supply Chain?

    January 2017 | Healthcare Purchasing News

    If you’re looking for the closest connection to retail healthcare you can find in a hospital setting, look no further than Pharmacy whose leaders and staffers seem to straddle the great divide between these two divergent, yet closely related settings.

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  • Achieve Pharmacy Consolidation

    July 2016 | Health System Management

    With rising pharmacy and drug costs, declining reimbursements and the shift from fee-for-service to value-based payments, healthcare is changing like never before. It’s a fast-paced evolution to a new world where smart business and smart medicine must come together to lower costs and demonstrate new value.
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  • An Ambulatory Boost to Patient Care—And Profits

    May 2016 | Pharmacy Practice News

    The idea of maintaining an ambulatory pharmacy as a profit center for the hospital—operating like a corner drugstore but located on-site—is changing as hospitals find new ways to use their ambulatory pharmacies to clamp down on fast-rising drug costs, while at the same time improving patient care.
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  • Maintaining 340B Qualification Through Population Eligibility Management

    March 2016 | HFM Magazine

    By carefully tracking the makeup of its patient base, a hospital can ensure its continued qualification for the 340B program, thereby optimizing its payment rates.
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  • Fast Track to 340B

    January 2016 | HFM Magazine

    Many hospitals and health systems have a profound new opportunity to obtain savings on outpatient pharmaceuticals through the 340B drug pricing program.
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  • Delivering Confidence

    November/December 2015 | Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare

    During the transition from hospital to home—or a skilled nursing or long-term care facility—patients with complex medical needs are at risk for suboptimal outcomes due to issues with medication adherence and errors.
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  • Patient Assistance Programs

    November 2015 | Executive Insight

    One of the many consequences of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been its impact on the Medicaid program and subsequently, charity care and patient assistance programs.
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  • Is It Time To Build an Outpatient Pharmacy?

    June 2015 | Pharmacy Practice News

    The idea of opening an on-site outpatient pharmacy for employees and patients at Peninsula Regional Medical Center (PRMC), a 275-bed acute care hospital on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, first came up in the C-suite in 2010.
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  • Keeping a Closer Eye on Post-Discharge Planning

    May 2015 | Pharmacy Practice News

    Regulatory and financial pressures are forcing hospitals to ramp up their post-discharge strategy initiatives. Some of the pressure is coming from the Affordable Care Act (ACA); Section 2717 requires that hospitals report the results of their efforts to prevent hospital readmissions. Whether it’s patient education and counseling, comprehensive discharge planning or post discharge reinforcement by an appropriate health care professional, federal officials want to know what hospitals are doing to keep patients out of the hospital—and how many health care dollars are being saved in the process, experts noted.
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  • Healthcare Cost Containment

    April 2015 | Healthcare Cost Containment

    Across the country, health systems are finding that better care coordination involving pharmacists may help prevent readmissions, increase medication compliance, and create a more efficient transitional care model. Providers are taking steps such as delivering bedside medications to patients before hospital discharge and providing access to an onsite ambulatory pharmacy.
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