Success Stories

No two health systems are alike. In every project, PHS seeks to understand our client's unique set of challenges and goals. Through engaged collaboration, partnership and execution, we enable our customers to realize enhanced patient care, new revenue streams and improved efficiencies. Our clients are enthusiastic about the genuine partnership we provide. In short, we are in it together. But don’t let us tell you about it. See it for yourself …

The Valley Health System Building

The Valley Health System

Hospital Ambulatory Pharmacy Service Program Advances Clinical Outcomes and Grows Revenue

Solutions: Ambulatory Pharmacy

“By using best practices to develop and implement Summerlin’s ambulatory pharmacy program, our patients enjoy better clinical outcomes. We also have a proven business model to add to the pharmacy’s bottom line.”

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OhioHealth Case Study


Specialty pharmacy implementation contains costs and improves outcomes across health system

Solutions: Specialty Pharmacy

“The [PHS] consultant team did a superb job of helping us plan and implement what is now a successful specialty pharmacy practice.”

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Henry Ford Health System - 340B

Henry Ford Health System

Health System Fortifies 340B Compliance Systems to Safeguard Reimbursements

Solutions: 340B Consulting

“The PHS consultants helped us to revise and streamline our 340B systems and processes. As a result, our regulatory profile is much stronger and we’ve achieved financial savings by identifying and enrolling eligible patients at a higher rate.”

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Sacred Heart Medical Center

Sacred Heart Medical Center

Robust Medication Reconciliation Reports Lower Risk to Earn Trust of ED Physicians

Solutions:Transitional Care

“ESI Rx History delivers the most comprehensive med rec information of any solution we’ve used. It has lowered the risk of med errors, improved our admit order TAT [turnaround time] and earned the trust of our physicians.”

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Atlantic General Hospital building

Atlantic General Hospital

PHS-Developed Pharmacy Concierge Program Lowers Readmissions and Boosts Revenue

Solutions: Discharge Meds

“AmerisourceBergen’s PHS specialists have directly contributed to dramatic improvements in our readmission rate, clinical outcomes, increases in scripts and revenue as well as lower costs.”

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Houston Medical Center building

Houston Medical Center

HMC Pharmacy Recovers Substantial Product Costs While Delivering Quality Indigent Care

Solutions: Patient Assistance

“AmerisourceBergen’s RecoveRx solution is helping us to achieve our mission to deliver quality, economical care while helping HMC stay viable in an extremely volatile healthcare environment.”

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Budd Terrace building

Budd Terrace at Wesley Woods, Atlanta, Georgia

In-House Pharmacy Drives Patient Satisfaction and Delivers $4.1 Million in New Revenue

Solutions: Managed Services

“By leveraging the AmerisourceBergen PHS experts, we were able to quickly develop an efficient, in-house pharmacy tailored to the needs of our patient population. We could not have done it without them.”

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Palomar Health

Palomar Health

Fortifies 340B Regulatory Profile to Boost Audit Readiness and Protect Eligibility

Solutions: 340B

“340B allows us to provide affordable medications to many more at-risk area residents.”

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Mercy Pharmacy Success Story

Mercy Health System

Extends Continuum of Care & Recovers Costs

Solutions: Ambulatory

“AmerisourceBergen is adding value to our hospitals by staffing and managing a retail pharmacy that helps patients from a clinical standpoint and increases employee satisfaction...”

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St. Vincent Hospital

Saint Vincent Hospital

Orthopedic Surgery Discharge Prescription Program

Solutions: Ambulatory

"The ability to obtain prescriptions before a patient even leaves the hospital is an absolute value added service. The process is fast, easy and eliminates the need for a patient to stop on their way home and delay their trip. They can leave with all their necessary medications and immediately get back to the comfort of their own home..."

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Hilo Medical Center

Hilo Medical

PHS aids Hilo Medical Center with successful 340B audit

Solutions: 340B

“We could not have done this well on our 340B audit without the PHS PO builder and the review and recommendations that you provided to us!”

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University of Tennessee

The University of Tennessee Medical Center

Recovers Costs While Providing High-quality Indigent Care

Solutions: Patient Assistance

“We’ve had no difficulty justifying the value of the cost recovery program: we can show a net impact on dollars that otherwise would have been lost, and we’re achieving all this without adding staff.  AmerisourceBergen Patient Assistance Solutions is a significant benefit for our eligible indigent patients and for UT Medical Center as an organization...”

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Chargemaster Success Study

Optimized, Compliant Pharmacy Chargemaster for Large Midwest Health System

Chargemaster consulting from AmerisourceBergen PHS

Solutions: Financial Performance

“The AmerisourceBergen team was knowledgeable and professional, sharing information and opening lines of communication across our billing, pharmacy, finance, and IT teams...”

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Barcode Readiness - Success Story

Barcode Readiness - Summary & Benefits

Summary & Benefits of Barcoded Medication Administration Assessment

“Pharmacy Healthcare Solutions (PHS) was contracted by a large and highly-respected healthcare system leader to conduct a readiness assessment of twenty-nine hospitals identified to move forward with Bar Coded Medication Administration (BCMA)...”

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PRMC Success Story

Peninsula Regional Medical Center (PRMC)

Enhances Employee Satisfaction & Targets Reduced Readmissions

Solutions: Ambulatory, Employee Benefits

“The new ambulatory pharmacy is helping PRMC control employee benefit costs by taking advantage of contract pricing and ‘writing the check’ for medications back to the hospital rather than a supplier...”

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Henry Ford Elevate Provider Network

Henry Ford Health System

PSAO Evens Playing Field to Earn More Third-Party Contracts

Solutions: Ambulatory Pharmacy

“The AmerisourceBergen Elevate Provider Network positions us to sign more third-party contracts and win more MAC challenges. And their PSAO service has profoundly reduced the number of hours we spend on contract administration.”

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Oconee Medical Center

Oconee Medical Center

Reduces Employee Benefit Costs

Solutions: Ambulatory

The Ambulatory Pharmacy Solution is helping Oconee reduce annual benefit costs for prescriptions per employee by approximately 20% while net revenue from the pharmacy also helps offset employee medical benefit costs...

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