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The Henry Ford Health System

Learn how the Henry Ford Health System fortified 340B compliance systems to safeguard reimbursements.

A Good Neighbor Pharmacy business coach reviews performance reports with a pharmacist

Preparing your system for success.

Becoming a 340B-covered entity requires a significant amount of expertise. Despite program standardization, every health system's journey to compliance is a little different. We'll review your current information systems, evaluate your purchasing operations, establish procurement best practices and prepare your team for health policy changes. We'll analyze your opportunity for savings, work with the right partners to improve it, enroll your system in 340B, assist in establishing oversight and governance, and guide you in implementing and maintaining the program successfully.


For covered entities, our subscription service is the best way to remain compliant over time. Our compliance services include an annual independent mock audit which helps identify compliance gaps and is recommended by the HRSA. To safeguard your access to cost-saving drugs, we'll monitor through monthly, quarterly and annual activities to optimize your processes and keep your program in top shape.

Audit readiness

Performing poorly in an audit can result in unexpected operational setbacks and costs. At PHS, we make audit readiness a priority. We perform thorough mock audits and prepare your key stakeholders to ensure your system is ready for a formal audit. If you're underperforming in any area, we'll work quickly to help you adjust your practices and provide you with the tools to become self-sufficient. 

Get in touch.

Whether you're a 340B-covered entity needing audit readiness support, or wondering if your health system is eligible to take advantage of what the program has to offer, we can help. Reach out and we'll begin an assessment.