Patient Support Services

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We're here for you, so you can focus on caring for your patients.

We offer flexible patient support that's as comprehensive or streamlined as you need. We focus on providing important healthcare administrative services to physician offices, specialty pharmacies and infusion centers, allowing the clinical staff to focus on caring for patients. Our patient access solutions offer speed to therapy for patients who would otherwise struggle to understand their benefits and costs, leading to delayed treatment. Our experience, expertise and relationships allow us to navigate the complex system of reimbursements, assistance programs and prior authorizations that define the pharmaceutical market. 

Better support before and after your patients' visits

Our prior authorization support, co-pay and manufacturer assistance programs can help your health system reduce time to treatment and costly write-offs, resulting in better patient experiences and clinical outcomes.
Patients receive medication at pharmacy counter.

Prior authorization

Patients receive medication at pharmacy counter.
We advocate on behalf of your patients through investigating their benefits, obtaining prior authorization, researching and securing co-pay or manufacturer assistance where necessary. In addition, we are highly integrated within your EMR to communicate with the provider on status. Our goal is to offload the provider's administrative burden so they can focus on patient care. 
Patients receive medication at pharmacy counter.


Our patient assistance solution.

Our RecoveRx program provides a complete outsourced solution for your patient assistance needs including inpatient drug and device replacement, outpatient infusion drug replacement, and co-pay assistance. RecoveRx utilizes proprietary software called Indicare® to—with the help of our patient assistance specialists—enroll patients in manufacturer and foundation programs, track claims to completion and provide reporting, capturing the complete patient journey.

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Navigating patient assistance programs to get you and your patients the support you deserve.

Two medical professionals confer.
Our RecoveRx solution has helped more than 400 health systems sites of all sizes save over $37 million annually. We help you maximize savings by enrolling your patients in all available patient assistance programs to help your hospital reduce uncompensated dollars and better support your uninsured and underinsured patients. From free drug and medical device recovery to financial assistance for co-pay and out-of-pocket costs, your patients benefit from our deep expertise and over 20 years of experience as the industry leader of assistance services. Our success is built around an infrastructure of proprietary processes. Our software not only maintains a database of programs but also automatically matches patients to programs, electronically enrolls patients and tracks claims to completion with reporting capabilities that ensure a streamlined, end-to-end process. Our sole focus on assistance programs ensures that every patient has an advocate working hard on their behalf to uncover every available funding source. Our service is holistic and works to maximize recovery. 
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Our patient support services help systems of every size save, reducing administrative costs and maximizing assistance. If you'd like to learn more about what we offer, reach out.