Specialty Pharmacy

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Patient-centered support every step of the way. 

Specialty pharmacy continues to grow rapidly. We'll identify how you fit in the landscape and help maximize your opportunity. Whether you have an existing specialty pharmacy you're looking to expand or are just exploring the opportunity, we have pharmacy solutions designed for you. From business plan development to implementation, including accreditation services, outsourced prior authorization and medication assistance programs, we're here to help. No matter where you are in your specialty journey, we're flexible to rapidly scale to meet your needs. 

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Clinical integration and accreditation services

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Our services don't just prepare you for accreditation, they guide you through every step of the process which begins with the clinical model to support the specialty patient. We know your system is unique. That's why we deliver customized recommendations that account for your processes, clinical documentation requirements and information technology needs. Additionally, we provide policy and procedure development and support throughout the journey to ensure accreditation happens as smoothly as possible. After a no-cost gap analysis, we'll work to develop the roadmap for implementation that will guide you to a highly integrated specialty pharmacy model with accreditations from multiple accrediting organizations.
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Patient support services that are truly comprehensive.

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Our patient support services team is deeply focused on navigating patients through the complexities of medication access. Whether it’s through our Centralized Processing Center (CPC) in Carrollton, Texas, or onsite alongside the patient and provider, we can efficiently handle benefit verification, prior authorization, medication assistance or any type of advocacy to ensure access. We are highly experienced with health system electronic medical record systems such as EPIC® and Cerner® and leverage proprietary tools and insights that help your specialty pharmacy quickly expand services to maximize profitability and improve patient outcomes. When you work with us, we're not only a partner handling administration, but an expert advocate ready to support you and your team through any challenge.

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Flexible support options

Planning, project management and implementation

Are you a pharmacy with dispensing capabilities looking to join the specialty market? We offer a free consultative analysis to determine if you're positioned to benefit from making a shift. If the answer is yes, we have the expertise to guide you through the entire process efficiently and effectively.

Managed services

Our team is made up of pharmacists and pharmacy professionals. From facilities design to staffing to ordering, their expertise leads our solutions. Whether you need a specific role filled or your entire pharmacy staffed and managed, we can help.

Financial management

In addition to our patient assistance support, we offer robust financial management. From forecasting and planning to administrative and clinical cost evaluation, we have the ability to ensure your business is in order.

Employee benefits optimization

If your pharmacy isn't a part of your employee benefits program, you may be missing out. We'll evaluate your current program and determine if integrating your specialty pharmacy into the plan could be a valuable cost-saving opportunity.

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Whether you're preparing to integrate a specialty pharmacy into your operation, exploring accreditation options or looking for a specific solution, our free, consultative approach will evaluate your needs. Reach out to start the conversation.