Technology Solutions

Flexible technology support for every facet of your system.

Keeping technology current can be challenging. However, ensuring your pharmacy systems are up to date reduces waste and makes identifying opportunities easier. We'll assess your current technologies, update your software, if necessary, and update your pharmacy with modern tools. We can help you and your teams analyze and act on analytics to ensure you're getting the most out of your products. From forecasting to patient assistance, inventory management to reimbursements and more, our solutions can help.

TARxGET Reporting: A forecasting solution built for your system.

TARxGET Reporting is a proprietary forecasting tool that tracks and harnesses hospital purchasing data to identify your top areas of drug spending and provide analyses of your expenditures. TARxGET can quickly and easily uncover cost drivers by drug and therapeutic category, evaluate changes over time, and measure the impact of utilization and inflation. As a result, you'll have a better understanding of your costs and how to reduce them.
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RecoveRx: Your comprehensive patient assistance solution.

Our RecoveRx solution helps health systems of all sizes save money. RecoveRx helps maximize savings by enrolling your patients into all available patient assistance programs to help your hospital reduce uncompensated dollars and better support uninsured and underinsured patients.  RecoveRx combines technology with expertise and experience to identify the best assistance options for you and your patients. With benefits investigation support and robust reporting on costs, reimbursements and more, this comprehensive solution takes a holistic approach to maximize recovery.
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Inventory management and medication history

Our software and technology systems support will help you stay on top of inventory management, finding symmetries and reducing waste. We have solutions designed to pull data from multiple sources, allowing for easier analysis and reconciliation. Working with us, you can be confident you have a handle on every facet of your pharmacy’s operations.
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Keeping your systems and software 340B compliant

From implementation to audit readiness, we'll prepare you for any challenge. We'll assess your software, update your systems and establish best practices to ensure your program has the integrity to remain compliant and cost-effective. We'll also perform a mock audit, so you're prepared in the event of a real one. 
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